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Lighthouse 360 has set a new standard in dentistry!
Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Resize browser to view.

AutoConfirm by Lighthouse


Patient confirmations from email, text, and automated phone are sent to your Practice Management System (PMS).

Patient Reactivation System

Patient Reactivation

Automated emails and / or postcards are sent on behalf of your dental office, reactivating patients.

New Patient Treatment Plans

Patient Treatment Plans

Set automatic reminders for patients that need to return to your dental office for additional procedures and / or follow-ups.

Waiting List Messaging

Wait List Messaging

Reducing cancellations is always your dental practices goal, but being able to fill empty chairs at the last minute when the inevitable occurs, is priceless.

Patient Text Messaging

Text Messaging

The 21st century calls for text messaging, Lighthouse 360 text messaging is unmatched in quality and functionality.

Upload and Download Syncing Data

TrueTime Data

The more often your Practice Management System is updated, the more accurate it will be. Lighthouse 360 syncs every 10 minutes with your PMS.

Frontdesk Task List

Front Desk Task List

Daily tasks and to-do lists can be scheduled into a traceable solution via Lighthouse 360. Streamline your front desk operations.

Cancellation Messaging

Appointment Cancellation Messaging

When your practice calls for an emergency alert to a group of patients due to the doctor being absent unexpectedly.

State of the Art Patient Communication Systems - PCS

Patient Communication Software brings the modern forms of digital networking technology to the forefront of patient relationships. Communication is key with any long-term relationship and in the 21st century it means that your dental practice is on point with digital communication solutions.
Reduce Cancellations
Reducing cancellations by 1 could cover the expenses of Lighthouse 360 software for a year or better (depending on many profiting factors of course).
Increase Profit
Having your dental practice on track with thorough communication between your appointments, empty operatories, and front desk inefficiencies, Lighthouse 360 will significantly boost profit margins of your dental practice.