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All the search giants, Google, Yahoo, and Bing- offer some form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Adwords by Google is easily the most widely used and most popular among advertisers and patients (search inquirers). Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with high quality landing pages will bring your websites conversion rates to NEW levels.
Budgets From $1500 to $100,000+
PPC campaigns can be extremely costly, why? Because they work, and when properly managed, can provide your dental organization with amazing returns. Many high budget ($15,000 per month and higher) PPC accounts that provide ROI can be improved to provide even more of a return.
Local, Regional, National, or Global
Search engine giants that provide Search Engine Marketing (PPC) advertising services usually provide advanced geographic targeting options where you can pinpoint exactly which country, region, or local vicinity you want to market to.
Instant traffic with SEM / PPC marketing


Search Engine Marketing provides instant results when you're wanting to see instant traffic and website conversions. Although, a good landing page is built over time!

SEO vs SEM Marketing

SEO vs SEMLong-term vs Short-term

SEO marketing provides long-term ROI while SEM/PPC campagins provide short-term traffic solutions- when efficiently managed. Google Adwords specialists can usually build efficient campaigns.

Experimental Campaigns with A/B Testing by Dental Marketing Town

Experimental CampaignsDiscover NEW Dental Markets

When the budget allows for the experimentation into new possible markets, PPC campaigns are a great way to experiment with the engagement of the targeted market.