High Speed Dental Web Hosting

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Invest in your DATA - Upgrade your server!

Loading time sucks! You don't like waiting and nor do your patients as the 1st impression to your dental practice. Google's target loading time is 2 seconds and lower per page, because the user statistically does not like waiting longer.

Devoted to dental website hosting

Devoted DentalShared or VPN

Shared Servers and Virtual Private Networks are the more common servers used for a regular dental practice that don't usually have ultra-high web traffic, like a franchise or supply company website will have.

Maximized Server Uptime

Guaranteed UptimeDual Redundant

If you own a Nationally / Internationally pushed dental product shopping cart than it could be worth your while to invest in dual redundancy; thus mirroring your data into two separate locations.

Premium dedicated servers for dental organizations

Enterprise Level HostingFAST Dedicated Servers

When your dental organization wants to place the bar a bit higher, Fast Dedicated Servers can't be beat. The faster your dental website loads the more you increase the odds that your visitor will engage with your content.

HINT: Website Visitors and Google Love FAST Loading Websites!