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Increase Patient Re-Activation!

So many frontdesk tasks have been automated that it's definitely set a new standard with what patients expect when dealing with a professional and well established dental practice- automation convenience with Patient Reactivation.
Dormant Patients
With capabilities that stretch beyond our imagination, Lighthouse 360 will automatically reactivate dormant patients with friendly emails and newsletters on your dental practices behalf.
Marketing Efficiency
To extend the length of time that a patient has a relationship with your dental practice the further your expensive marketing efforts will go. Patient reactivation is critical in modern dentistry.

Extend Marketing Effectiveness

Email/Newsletter Reminders

Being able to reactivate your dormant patients will obviously extend your marketing budget. Patient newsletters and emails are an excellent commmunication method Lighthouse 360 provides your dental practice.

Cost Per New Patient

With the cost of every NEW patient the last thing you want your practice to do is drop the ball and lose one from poor patient communication.

Patient Expectation

Patient have a standard for the new dental market we are seeing today- digital communication is #1. Emails, newsletters, and text messages are preferred communication methods.