Targeted Marketing Insight

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Targeted Marketing Insight

Advanced Targeted Marketing InsightsUnderstanding your markets behavior is very important to understanding SEO, as optimizing for search engines is optimizing for exactly what your market is search for. This can go to the furthest extent, but once you understand the trends enough to feel confident about your next move, it's usually enough. We provide as detailed market insight as your want!

Insight with Social and Search Analytics

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all the other major social platforms provide very insightful data. Such as: demographical, geographical, gender, work industry, interests, financial status, credit status, marital / parental status, vacation status, income targeting, and so much more. This data combined with search data can provide a dental organization with free insight they can do themselves, call and ask us and we will show you how.
Social Media Management
Social Media Management (SMM) is not just about Likes and Follows, it's about engaging with your audience to build your brand and gain trust among your visitors. Higher brand recognition leads to increased demands which can lead to quality price increases.
B2B Marketing Insights
Are you a dental lab or supply company looking to expand your coverage area? Would you like some insight about supply and demand in the various locations before you start your marketing campaign? We can help you with this!

Social Media Insights / Analytics

We love social media insights because they are FUN to study and learn more geeky dental marketing stuff.

Social Insights

The more social a dental organization is, the more popular it is- would you agree? We can help manage an efficient social campaign.

Search Trends

If search volumes are increasing for a dental product or service, would you want to market for it? We can blast your product or service into space!

A/B Testing

If one font converted better than the other, how would you know? A/B testing! We fine tune your landing pages and ads for success!

Dental Product Pages

Larger profit margins on the sale don't always mean larger profit margins on the entire conversion / out the door process.

Advanced Webpage

When implementing best practices for dentist to patient or business to dentist conversion success, advanced webpages are your best friend.

SEO strategy

Insights are 1/2 of SEO strategy, because it gives you the data to provide the best solution to the inquiring patient or business client.