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LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn comes in as being one of the most popular websites in the world and is the #1 professional network for business to business connections. If you have a dental organization that needs to reach out to other professionals in various areas throughout dentistry, then LinkedIn is the answer. LinkedIn is a social media marketing powerhouse in the B2B side of the dental industry.

Twitter For Business

Twitter is not only engaging for your clients and patients, but it's FUN!!! Twitter is something that can extend the life of your marketing budget while provide your with a sense of entertainment you can easily manage from your phone while laying onyour couch watching television.

Facebook For Business

Facebook is the 2nd most popular website in the world and is the most popular social media platform by far- for dentist to patient! FB is an excellent way to keep your patients informed about what is new in your dental practice, such as that new ZOOM! home teeth whitening kit for recommending a friend or family member? Just an idea...

Pinterest For Business

Cosmetic dentistry does wonders for patients beautiful smiles and bright white smiles SELL. Get your Pinterest account rolling and make it a habbit to post those life changing moments where you literally change someones life with your dental treatments. This is the place to do it, oh wait there's Instagram, too! They are both very nice social networks for showing off your dental photos :-)

Google Plus For Business

A social media network that Google refuses to let go, for good reasons, it's growing! More than likely you already have an account, so all you have to do is start adding your profile and dental organizations information / pages. Google Plus has evolved into a feature rich social media platforms that should benefit any dental professional.

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The Social Media Advantage!

Social media marketing platforms provide an interactive and fun way for you to share news highlights and updates with your clients and / or patients. Regardless whether its a dentist to patient or business to dentist application, there is at least a couple social platforms that will do your organization marketing justice.
Branding & Popularity
Social media channels are an easy way to provide branding and credibility to your dental organizations name and logo.
Ranking Algorithms
Google as well as other major search engine giants use social media networks to help determine relevance- the more relevant you are the higher your rank.