Text Messaging with Lighthouse 360

Easily communicate with your patients via text messaging

Patient Communication

Modern PCS

Lighthouse 360 is modern Patient Communication Software designed for 21st century standards.

Reduce Cancellations

Depending on the treatment type scheduled, reducing by 1 cancellation could pay a years membership.

Comp. to Phone Texting

What better way for your front desk receptionist to communicate with patients- PC to phone texting.

Text Messaging - Patient Communication

Many patients and consumers prefer text messages over a phone call, it's an increasing trend we are seeing right out of the gate of 2017. Get your dental practice on track to communicate effectively among the patients within your community or targeted service area. Lighthouse 360 brings incredible value into your dental offices communication process.
Keep in Touch
Not only does it provide a prefered method of communication to many patients, it also gives your practice the ability to prepare your patient for their appointment during their kind reminders.
Rapid Response
Computers can respond instantly or for a scheduled response. Take advantage of modern PCS solutions by Lighthouse 360 and watch as efficiency skyrockets!