The Search Giants - Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Where does your dental organization rank in the SERP's?
Have you checked the search giants to see where your dental business stands?
Where does your dental organization rank/rate with Master Google?
Do you Yahoo? Don't let your dental organization miss out on the low-hanging fruit!
Mircosofts BING is installed on every new Windows based PC, where do you rank on BING?

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How does your dental organization rank in SERP's

Knowing dentistry is 1 job, and knowing Search Engines is another!
SERP's Search Engine Results Page

Google Ranking

Being the largest search engine in the world, Google is a default dental requirement in modern dentistry marketing. As you may know, Google is the #1 search engine!

Yahoo Ranking

Once superior for their directory databases, now with various executive management changes, Yahoo could be on the brink of big growth once again.

Bing Ranking

While installed on more than half of the PC's that exist today, Bing pulls heavy weight in desktop marketing applications.


Ranking algorithms are at the core of every search engine giant. They align relevance for the user searching with a valuable search result of an organization.

Webmaster Tools

The different search engines provide "Webmaster Tools" for advanced search engine management between your website and which pages are being indexed.

Bing Webmasters

We love Bing when futhering our keyword research and conducting competitive analysis, the more information the better.

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We have worked with search engines for over 10 years and understand the way they think, and how smart they are. We are fascinated with SEO and do our best to bridge the gap between advertiser, user, and the search engine; optimizing so the search engine can comprehend your message the way you intend.
Fast Results
The more we understand search engines the faster we obtain the desired results, but NOBODY can determine or promise exactly when Google, Yahoo, or Bing will give you RANK! It's ultimately up to the search giants, but ethical SEO standards work fast for us.
Lasting Results
Just like a storefront sign will display your dental organization for years and years, but if not maintained, will lose it's marketing appeal / effectiveness- the same concept applies with organic rank on the search engine giants.