Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Marketing

Some Common Questions About Dental Marketing:

Here are some common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about digital dental marketing, including: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Dental Website Design, Responsive Designs, and so much more...!

Search Engine Optimization - SEO (4)

How long does it take to get to page #1?
Though we make a huge impact on how quick your rank increases, we do not have full control of how fast your website acquires rank- nobody can promise this. Ultimately it's up to Google, Yahoo, or Bing to determine how fast you acquire positive rank gains. We can say that our highly ethical SEO standards seem to climb in the SERP's far faster than most of our competition.
What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
Search Engine Optimizaiton (SEO) is the organic ranking position of your websites indexed snippet (clickable link in the search results), below the sponsored (PPC - paid) ads populating the top of the search results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the paid advertising campaigns via sponsored ad snippets on the very top, sidebar, and footer of the search results, SERP's.
What is Organic Rank?
Dental organizations want ORGANIC rank as a long-term result of your internet marketing efforts. Top organic ranks are achieved using advanced SEO measures, and of course difficulty runs parallel to competition. Dental Marketing Town's advanced SEO puts your dental organizations rank in good hands you can trust. We really love SEO and creating that end-user experience that yields results.

Pay Per Click - PPC (5)

What does an inefficient PPC campaign look like?
It's very common to see a client spending large amounts on PPC but barely getting a return on investment. If you feel inconfident in this months PPC returns then you probably need some assistance, it could save you loads of money. We seem to increase the efficiency of every PPC campaign we touch.
What is the difference between Display Ads and Search Ads?
Displays ads can be images, image galleries, product galleries, animated call to action ads, video trailers, etc... Search Ads appear at the top of a search engines search results page, SERP's.
Where will my patients or clients see our ads?
Depending on many targeting factors, your client may see your ads on various targeted blogs, major news networks, social media networks, affiliated websites, mobile apps, mobile games, email sidebar ads, and more. Display ads can reach millions of impressions per day if your campaign calls for such a demand.

Dental Website Design (9)

Should we use a CMS like WordPress or Joomla?
Often dentists and office managers prefer to manage their own content from page to page and unless you have an inhouse web coder, will require a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla. WordPress is the gold standard of CMS systems for most dental office applications. However, running any highly advanced platform will require a custom coded website.
What is a Responsive Website?
Having a one-size-fits-all website that adapts to every screen size automatically is not only best for the visitors coming to your website, but for organic search engine rank; probably due to that powerful UX design.
What are the benefits of a custom coded website?
When it comes to pure website power it's hard to beat the power and expansion capabilities we get from "clean raw code". Keyword Densities is a decent size on-page ranking factor that can not be beaten with any Content Management System. Search Engines love clean and easy to read code.

Digital Marketing (3)

What is Digital Dental Marketing?
This is NOW! This is the FUTURE! Digital Marketing has overtaken the advertising market by a landslide over that of traditional sources like, newspapers and televisions. Patients use smartphones and Google to the point where most professional marketing agencies will consider and online presence a requirement.
How long does it take to see positive ROI?
Our main objective is to provide ROI for your dental organization as quickly as possible. If we provide your organization with a good return on your investment then we know we'll continue onto a long-term B2B marketing partnership. We can not promise how long it takes to receive a return on your investment, but what we can say is that it won't take long.