Accurate Conversion Tracking

What good is marketing without being able to track progress?

Automatically Track Conversion Rates

Mobile Analytical Tracking on Smartphone

On the Go Analytics

We understand that dental business is conducted far beyond a desktop!

Google Analytics as well as most SEO Software platforms offer mobile apps for Accurate Conversion Tracking. Web Analytic with properly implemented ways to track conversion rates is important no matter where you are, don't let being mobile take your eye off the prize.

Track Success Now!

Reliable Conversion Tracking

Unlike poorly configured tracking systems where you can't understand whether it's your marketing or sales department that is dropping the ball- advanced analytics know the difference.
Full Web Analytics
Your website is either a lead generation system or if it's a shopping cart, a point of sale system with payment processing. Either case, Full Web Analytics can assist with troubleshooting a decline in sales.
Call Tracking Solutions
It can cost a fortune to generate a lead in the dental industry, accurate Call Tracking can help distiguish if your sales department is closing at an acceptable rate.