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Premium Unique Dental Content

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Custom Unique Graphic Design

Google, Yahoo, and Bing understand that a picture speaks a 1000 words, so they prefer to able to understand what the image is and how it relates to what the user is search for. Bringing unique images into the theme of your dental brand will bring new value to the user and the search engines understand this.

Unique Dental Copy Writing

We frequently write web content and ad copy for dental organizations, it's what we do. The notorious Copy and Paste functionality is not in our vocabulary because our boss "Google" does not care for content that already exists somewhere else, so they will just skip indexing that page and its authority, pooof! Google does not like what the user does not like! Google, Yahoo, and Bing want a good user experience!

Bringing Unique Value to User

Unique content that does not exist anywhere else on the world wide web brings NEW value to the user and Google and takes precendence over plagarized / copied content. Search engines are extremely smart and if it seems too easy then it probably won't do much justice and you're wasting your time. Do not attempt to maniplulate any search engine, you will lose!

Avoiding Plagiarism

Just like a college essay with extensive and automated plagiarism checks, search engines work the same way as a professor, they frown on not citing references with outbound links and providing credit where credit is due. The Google Panda update made an enormous impact on the world wide web in 2011.

Google Panda / Penguin Algorithm Update

The famous global overnight business changer that make an impact on more than 15% of the worlds website rank. Google Panda / Penguin algorithm updates in 2011 and 2012 literally changed the quality standards of websites by barring duplicate content from their search results and low quality short pages or link farms.

How Unique is Your Dental Organization?

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Unique Dental Content For RANK!

High quality unique dental content is the easiest way to achieve higher ranks in the SERP's. Educating your clients or patients will bring value to the web and search engines, an implant special will not. One is to capitalize and the other is to educate, however they both lead to branding and increased sales. Targets like implant specials for new patient acquisition should be a PPC campaign to allow toggling on/off whenever your dental office desires.
Top Ranking Sites
We can point out one quick observation- do the top sites you visit have loads of unique content and value for the user / you? The answer will be yes! It's quick and easy to see, all your major websites that dominate the search results bring loads of unique value to the user while educating their customer.
Ranking Factors
While Google alone has more than 250 different ranking algorithms, it's well known in the world of SEO and rank that unique content is a very valuable ranking factor and make for a large percentage of the various algorithms.