Search Engine Ranking Algorithms

Did you know Google has 250+ ranking algorithms?

Google Algorithm Updates!

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Google Panda|Penguin|Hummingbird Algorithm Updates

Search Engine Algorithm Example

Algo UpdatesKeeping up to date!

One of many thing we try to do out of the many dental marketing tasks we do, is stay up to date with the latest search engine algorithm updates.

Spamdexing and Removing Spam

SpamdexingRemoving SPAM

Google and the rest of the search engines ultimate goal is to remove SPAM (unwanted very low quality websites) from their valued user base.

Avoiding Google Penalties

Avoid PenaltiesUneithical SEO Practices

Paying some cheap SEO company that claims the fame but does not know a lick about SEO will place your dental organization in jeopardy of a Google Penalty.

Think Like a Search ENGINE - They Make Sense!

Thinking on ethical terms like a search engine will make logical / ethical sense, as Google and the other search giants frown on bad results for their users. Google, Yahoo, and BING will take every precaution they can in order to prevent irrelevant search results populating the search results. Putting yourself in the search engines shoes will help understand why they do the things they do.
User Friendy
Search Engines are all about the searcher and advertiser, as you can't have Google if you don't have both. However, search engines like Google prioritize their algorithms around the user due to the simple fact if Google does not have a user base they won't have anyone to advertise to.
Mobile Optimization
Users love mobile, so guess what Google, Yahoo, and Bing like- MOBILE! Mobile optimization for search engine rank only makes sense- it provides a better user experience. Less virtual real estate is available on a smaller device. Is your dental organization optimized for mobile?