Dental PR Blasting

We can slam the globe with your presence if that's what your dental organization needs

We Can PR Blast Your Dental Organization!

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NEW Product Launch Campaigns

Before you think about marketing for a product, please consider our PR blasting services. We can blast the dental industry with your product during the pre/post launch phases- giving your dental biz the power it needs to dominate. We can blast millions of views per day if that's what your NEW dental product needs.

BIG Corp PR Events

From large Dental Conference Trade Shows promoting your corporate brand to company sponsored events such as technology shows. Trade shows are peaked with the ability to advertise due to the increasingly importance / efficiency of internet marketing- but we can push more people to your event to maximize returns.

NEW Dental Discoveries

It seems that every other day there are NEW Dental Discoveries that enhance the complexities of the dental industry. Blasting the market with positive PR about NEW discoveries is an excellent way to increase credibility and brand recognition.

MASS Dental Marketing

PR Blasting data flow astronaut-blasted into space Space Age PR Blasting Technology Worldwide Web Dental Marketing Large Communiation Tower Blasting your dental organization into space

BIG Marketing BIG Gains

Blasting the Public with related information about your business is an important factor for any big corp. Why not go BIG? This is how it's done! We launch your dental organization into space! Are you ready to leave orbit? Regardless if you're a local dental office chain or a manufacturer, we yield BIG results!
Digital vs Conventional Dental Marketing
Can you say NO COMPARISON? Television, Radio, Newspaper, Phonebooks- hahahahahaha! You mean where you had to shoot in the wind and hope for the best results? Then repeat what worked and toss what did not, sound familiar? Digital Marketing reveals the demand before you furnish the marketing material that will provide the relevant supply; thus opening up the door for so many more marketing options. A way to forecast or have an idea what the market is doing BEFORE blowing loads of money, is almost priceless!
Mid to Large Budget Dental Marketing Campaigns
Dental product manufacturers, distribution hubs, mid to large chains, Research and Development laboratories, and many other dental businesses. We can provide enterprise level solutions exceeding $100,000/month budgets. If you have a dental product or service that you want to launch into ultimate success, look no futher that the dental marketing company and uses DATA, and not slick sales reps.