Relevant High Quality Backlinks

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Relevant high authority BACKLINKS are the bomb!
If you have access to .EDU blogs prepare for a RANK explosion!
Paid backlinks are NOT SEO best practices!
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High quality relevant backlinks

High Relevance

Links coming from other websites and social plaforms where your information poses more relevance to the user, is GOLD! We can assist with building highly relevant backlinks.

Low Spam Index

Linking from sites that contain poor quality or unethical SEO standards risk a rank loss over a rank gain. Ensure you're low on the SPAM Index radar and you will benefit!

Organic Backlink Building

High quality content produces supreme quality ORGANIC backlink building opportunities. Start your organic backlink building campaign and watch your rank skyrocket!

Popularity Rating

The more links coming in-bound to your website the more popular and relevant you are. Backlinks show search engines relevance by understanding whom is referencing your info.

Do-follow / No-follow

Not all pages are worth indexing or taking credit for. The rel="nofollow" attribute tells search engines to not consider authority for the desired landing page.

Paid Services

There are many paid backlinking services that exist in the world of SEO, but most of these came into existence before Google's Panda/Penguin algo updates in 2011/12- before it was forbidden.

Advanced OFF-PAGE SEO Power!

It was once a "rule of thumb" that 90% of a pages authority / rank came from off-page SEO factors, but with algorithm changes it seems that number is much lower- which is a good thing. Quality on-page content has became increasingly important since the algorithm changes/updates. However, off-page SEO is still a very powerful optimization method for rank, it just must be done in ethical ways, like blog posts that bring value to the user and then they SHARE / reference that valuable dental information.
Language and Geography
Having backlinks stir-in from a non-targeted country / or language could boost your company into the wrong target; thus increasing bounce rates which will decrease rank as this shows search engines you're not relevant. We can assist with backlink generation from targeted languages and geographic locations. There is a good chance that you'll need full language SEO translation if you're dental company is considering acquiring foreign website backlinks.
Digital Vote
Look at backlinks as a way of bringing votes into website authority / rank. The more people (websites) pointing (referencing) your dental content the more relevant you are. The more authoritative the person (website) is that is pointing (referencing) to you and your dental services, the more that person (backlink) lift your rank. If Joe Schmoe says your dental organization is awesome does not mean as much as the President saying your dental information is worth looking into for ___? One brings a lot more power than the other.