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What Google Penalties Mean For You

It's best for your dental organization to avoid Google Penalties. These are preventable by doing the right thing and always using ethical best SEO practices. We love SEO and that means we understand Google and why they will penalize a site if they have to- low quality sites hender the end-user experience and therefore Google prefers user-friendly websites. Your website / SEO is only as good as it is, when it's compared against your "current" competitions websites / SEO.

What is Google Panda?

The notorious 2011 Google Panda update that put a shockwave through global business and effected 12% of the search engine results. Why did Google roll out this NEW update? To assist in ridding or banning low quality websites from the search results; thus making for a better end-user experience so that people continue using Google- which will bring consistent value to their advertiser.

What is Google Penguin?

Affecting more than 3% of all search results when Google Penguin first rolled out in 2012, its mission was to weed out those trying to maniplulate the search engines from irrelevant / low quality backlinks- also known as Link Schemes. This is when SEO got real!!! Blackhat SEO methods were no longer valid and ethical SEO'ers rose to the top, like Dental Marketing TownDental.com.

What is Google Hummingbird?

This 2013 Google Update made life easier for the user while making more sense of the content writing strategies. The infancy times where search engines could be manipulated with keyword stuffing and unnatural title tags are over. This will not neccesarily bar you from the results, but since the user prefers a natural version, the properly written article or page will be more relevant in the search results.

Important Algorithm Updates

Staying up to speed with the latest and greatest search engine algorithms will help when avoiding any Google penalty. A credible SEO agency will understand what search updates have been done or which ones are in the near future, and how they could affect your dental organization.

Don't Sink From an AVOIDABLE Google Penalty

There are many instances where a website that was out of Google quality guidelines gets banned from the search results. The recovery process can be complicated and it's best to avoid or you'll spend loads of development and phone support hours recovering from this nightmare. With more and more dental operations depending on their powerful digital marketing platforms as their main lead generator, it would make sense to take extra precautions when avoiding a costly Google Penalty.
Cause of Bankruptcy
Search engine penalties can sink a business very fast, especially if your dental office receives the majority of their leads from their online platform. Don't get caught short and hung up wasting your time with a Google penalty that can take your dental organization into bankruptcy.
Critical Importance
Search engines are an increasingly important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for dental businesses of all shapes and sizes. From product manufacturing to dental supply / distribution. Don't use cheap forms of SEO to attempt to save a few dollars, when in reality you're risking your company because of Google Penalties.