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Video Tours - Patients 1st Impression

The time where your storefront sign and front office provide your patients with their 1st impression of your dental practice, are over. More than 90% of prospecting patients conduct research online before making their 1st phone call to schedule an appointment.

Virtual dental office tours can speak 10,000 words about what a patient can expect when they walk into your dental practice for their 1st time. A virtual walk through can help children build comfort prior to their appointments, assisting your dental practice even when you're staff is not present.

Local Videographer

Typically we will locate a premier filmographer in your area to provide video shooting, or you can provide us with quality footage- the choice is yours.

We have preferred filmographers and crews we can send to your location for a premium fee, but hiring the best is not cheap. Though this is highly recommended with manufacturing and dental supply companies as well as franchises. We can provide high dollar Hollywood film crews that fly to your location to film your operation, then we will have the best editors and visual effects artists make you a masterpiece. This is for very competitive marketing where a company does not mind spending $4,500 to $50,000 extra.