Patient Recall with Lighthouse 360

Keep your patients longer to increase dental marketing efficiency

Increasing Patient Recall with Lighthouse 360

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Increase Patient RECALL!

Would it be nice if a system automatically notified your patient when it was time for their next cleaning? Lighthouse 360 can assist with this automated task. Automate your patient communication to get that Perfect Recall offered by's Lighthouse 360. is a web giant that knows software far better than the other outdated systems that exist in modern dentistry today.
Teeth Cleanings and Exams
The standard 6 month cleaning and examination procedures can be automated by Lighthouse 360, to increase frontdesk efficiency by a landslide.
Follow-Up Appointments
Depending on the appointment type can trigger Lighthouse 360 to automate the follow-up process as another method to increase frontdesk efficiency. Your front office staff will love this system, they all seem to!

Boost Efficiency With Lighthouse 360

Frontdesk and Reception

Streamline your frontdesk with Lighthouse 360 and your dental office staff will love the investment, as it makes their job easier; allowing room for more cost effective tasks.

Patient Convenience

Your patients use smartphones, email, and prefer reminders- need we say more? The days where they look forward to checking their mailbox is over, patients check their emails and text far more.

Perfect Patient Recall

Since it's virtually impossible for computers to make mistakes, Lighthouse 360 calls this the Perfect Recall system. Computers don't forget, take break, or delay the process, they do as programmed.