Geograhical Reservations

Avoid the worry of competing account overlap issues!
Exclusive No-Compete Agreements

No Compete

We can provide FULL NO COMPETE AGREEMENTS to fully secure our business partnership / marketing relationship. Of course we can not reserve your entire state for a couple thousand per month, but we can come to an agreeance to how far your reserve should go.

Account Overlap Prevention

Account Overlap Prevention

Most dental marketing companies don't care about account overlap, we do! We don't want to compete against our very own campaigns, that would be very frustrating.

Customized Marketing Agreements

Custom Agreements Available

We will provide a weeks worth of revisions if it means winning your dental organizations business. We know if you provide us with 1% trust, than we will earn the other 99%.

We Offer Local, Regional, or National Reservations

We believe "NO Compete Agreements" are mandatory when pursuing an online shopping cart system. If you want us to market toothpaste to the world, you'll be our only toothpaste client (depending on contractual terms). We want to secure our relationship by NEVER getting greedy and providing services to a competitor or stealing your ideas and marketing them ourselves- it will not happen with us. We have plenty of joint-venture opportunities, we do not need anymore.
Reserved Areas
Reserved Areas are a big deal in the legal world that we prefer to do without. If we market for your dental practice then your practice will be the leader in that area and it will be protected like Ft. Knox.
Reserved Niche
If you have a Premium Niche Dental Service / Product that you'd like to workout a no-compete agreement with, give us a call and lets talk business, get it on paper, then conquer.