Dental Website Security

Dental Website to Web Browswer Security

malware detector.

5,000 websites are attacked everyday. Don't risk your investment!

Dental Sitelock Detector Mobile Web Security

Sitelock is easy, economical and effective

We recommend and prefer Sitelock security software, and we are very familiar with the installation process.

Automatically Prevents AttacksAutomatically Prevent AttacksThough no security software is 100%, we can vouch for the fact we have never witnessed a hack into a Sitelock secured website, ever!

Boosts Customer TrustHaving a secure site does not only help to secure your virtual assets that are vital to your dental organization, but they bring peace of mind and legitimacy to your prospecting client/patient.

Starts Working InstantlyDon't leave your valuable dental organization for the hacker to rip apart, because it is an ever increasing threat, and very difficult and costly to recover from. Get started now!

How it Works

It's all too simple. Contact us first to get this installation process underway, we install it for you.

Scans Daily.

Receive alerts daily if you prefer. When high dollars are at stake many executive check their security software as part of their daily checklist.


Identifies Threats.

Potential threats can be left for your dental organization to determine the threat level. Being able to identify threats before they become a reality can be a game changer.


Instantly Notifies and Fixes.

Many functions within security systems can be automated, such as malware filtration and IP tracking.